L’oliveraie de Coupe-Roses

Our olive oil and its benefits

Our olive grove is planted on terrace uplands. The olive trees benefits of a very clement mediterranean climate. The trees aren’t irrigated and their growth took more than ten years to offer us a real production.

We planted local varieties : Picholine, Lucques, Olivière, and others that came from Vallée du Rhône : Aglandau and Bouteillan.

The harvest is late in the season, we let the olives ripen as much as possible ; The harvest is then made manually, by netting the soil under the trees. We obtain a very fine oil, very fruity, with a ardent and complex final on mouth. We bring the harvest in a little mill, without any leaves or stem. The olives are then pressed by the grindstone, and the resulting paste is pressed mechanically. We obtained an oil, which is a “Première pression à froid” (First cold press literally).

Benefits for the health

Olive oil is rich in antioxidant, like vitamine E and polyphenols (also presents into wine), which prevents from heart disease, some cancers, and slow down the body’s aging. Olive oil is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which, unlike to saturated fatty acids, reduce the “bad” cholesterol.

Olive oil stimulates the pancreatic lipase and bile secretion. A copious meal will be assimilates better by the body if prepared with olive oil. Olive oil is very recommended to people that are subjects of ulcers and gallstones.

The advantage of this particular oil, in comparison with other vegetal oils, is that it’s the only one that is not refined, deodorized and decolored. Its the only one to contain phenolic compounds in good quantity.

It’s a terroir olive oil, handcrafted and organic. It has a very unique taste.